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Tae Kwon Do is still recognised today as one of the world's most powerful forms of self defence.  Developed and practised by the Korean Military, it combines boxing, kicks, dodges, holds, locks and takedowns all put together as an art form.

Training is open to all levels of fitness, male and female from 7 years upwards.  Many students choose Tae Kwon Do for it's powerful applications to an evermore violent society that we live in, whilst others train for various other reasons such as fitness, flexibility, self-control and confidence, to name but a few.




Tae Kwon Do literally means

Tae - to kick or smash with the foot

Kwon - to punch or destroy with the fist

Do - meaning art or method in which to apply this knowledge


Free Trial Session Regular Tournaments Raise Awarness
Confidence Boosting Regular Testing Total Commitment
Learn Respect Qualified Instructors Muscle Development
Be Flexible Total Supervision Given Regular Seminars
Raise Fitness Levels Fully Insured Defend Yourself
  Large Club Network  


Bromyard Tae Kwon Do is part of the Chung Do Kwan Society- Excellence in Martial Arts